About MyMeG

MyMeG is a program of Government of Meghalaya to foster transparency and encourage participatory governance to sustain the speed of development . MyMeG program intends to capture citizen’s feedback in Government implementations through surveys, interviews, and other similar means. The program also intends to disseminate key messages from the Government through various channels and actively engage the citizens in specific implementation plans and policies.

Vision of the program

To accelerate the pace of development by

  • Engaging and Empowering Citizens
  • and promoting Participatory Governance


  • Engage citizens through multiple channels in policy making, progress monitoring, information and advisory service disseminations through feedback and ideation challenges
  • Empower citizens by enabling them to have their voices heard,information captured and need assessed
  • Participatory Governance -Connect with the communities, societies and various local groups of Meghalaya to discover key interventions that are required to foster inclusive and holistic development

Implementation Organization

Planning Department in convergence with other departments and Chief Minister Office has been entrusted to implement the program. Planning department has setup necessary structure to coordinate, collect information and implement the program.

In compliance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, below are the key officers for compliance and grievance related to MyMeG :

Role in MyMeGNameEmail
Chief Compliance OfficerDr. Vijay Kumar D. IASdvijaykumar@ias.nic.in
Nodal OfficerShri Cyril V. Darlong Diengdoh, IAScyril.diengdoh@gov.in
Grievance OfficerShri. Robert Lyngdohrobert.lyngdoh@gov.in

Address for Communications

Planning Department,
Government of Meghalaya Room 238,
Main Secretariat Building,