The story of Joy Dkhar - resilience-during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shaniahtylli SHG,Seintyllilang VO Mulang

August 10 2021 by Admin

Leveraging the role of VOs and SHGs

Joy Dkhar who lost her mother during the pandemic is now living with her father and siblings. The challenge for the family was inability of the family to pay the hospitalization bill of their mother. The Village Organization came forward to help her repay the hospitalization bills. Her problem aggravated with lockdown, due to which the family suffered economically, socially, and mentally. She received support from the VO and VOEC to meet her food security needs. Later, she joined SHGs and VOs to create awareness on Covid-19 and coordinated with ASHA/AWW in making and distributing mask/sanitizer etc. After, becoming a part of the awareness program, she gained knowledge on appropriate immunity measures to be adopted and imparted the same to her family and the community.


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