SHG- Self Help Groups under National Rural Livelihood Mission

Moralda Ramsiej

10 Opportunities

March 13 2024 by Admin

"I am Mrs. Moralda Ramsiej, a member of the Tyllilang Dommawria SHG and beneficiary of the Iasnohlang VO's support. With their financial assistance, I've transformed my life. I've experienced incredible growth, from expanding my shop with a Rs. 30,000 loan to launching a local taxi service with a Rs. 1,50,000 loan and starting a piggery business with another Rs. 30,000 loan. My shop expansion currently earns roughly Rs. 10,000 per month, the local taxi service makes about Rs. 5,000 per month, and the piggery company earns me Rs. 40,000 per year. This has not only boosted my income but also ensured a brighter future for my family. And I'm committed to continuing to manage these firms and embracing every chance they've afforded."


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