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Seven Cherri

August 21 2021 by Admin

Seven Cherri founded by Semada Marak, is based out of Tura in West Garo Hills, is a thriving design house that is entirely run by an army of skilful local women. From crafting to delivery, everything is executed by a vibrant team of hardworking women from the neighbourhood. Semada Marak, one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs of Chief Ministers E-Championship Challenge 2019, is a software engineer and left a well-cushioned corporate job to pursue her childhood dream of working in the fashion industry and providing training and gainful employment opportunities to the local underprivileged women in her state. Seven Cherri offers an array of chic and tastefully crafted jewellery pieces. Such innovative products mark the fusion of traditional motifs, signifying the tribal culture of Meghalaya and North-eastern states, proudly up-scaling their demand. Seven Cherri focuses to retrieve the dying traditional handicrafts of the Northeastern tribes, which has a great history of glamour through their ornamental collection.

Semada was awarded with Rs. 6 lakhs PRIF Grant, a program run by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) and funded by Pernod Ricard Foundation India. With the PRIF Grant of 6 Lakhs, she is intending to expand and strengthen the team, upgrade storage facilities, infrastructure, develop new products, improve packaging, create a website, invest in marketing, and boost overall business to create new training and livelihood opportunities for the women of the state.

Semada shares, “I have received support and assistance from PRIME for more than a year now. I met experts from different industries and entrepreneurs, who guided me throughout and gave mentoring sessions. They improved my business plans and gave me ideas and advice so I could improve and grow my business. Also, I have received various financial support, PRIF grant, and Kick-Start grant for product development and more.”

She also received the PRIME ID Grant of Rs 5 lakhs, which was launched by the Honourable Chief Minister of Meghalaya Shri Conrad Sangma on 19th February 2021 during the PRIME Entrepreneurship Awards. With the grant of Rs. 5 lakh from PRIME ID, she is planning to create a line of high-end, well designed, and eco-friendly accessories that focuses on using natural resources and local manpower. Extensive research and designs of locally found resources like bamboo and rikwareng (local fern) would be carried out with the support of PRIME.


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