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Harvesting Thrust : Story from Eastern West Khasi Hills

August 17 2022 by Admin

Eastern West Khasi Hills is one of the 11 districts of Meghalaya. The district is bound by the hills and hilly river or streams. The members of the Kyrsoilang Producer group have been associated with farming as farming is their primary livelihood. They have been cultivating various exotic fruits on their land. Squash is one of the successful crops cultivating in the area. Kysoilang PG members have been engaged in squash cultivation for a long time, but due to the absence of market linkage, they did not get the proper price for their products. Their agricultural activities have suffered due to floods and rains. Then they formed a producer group of 15 members to collect their products. Following their inclusion in the FOCUS scheme, the producer group received Rs. 75,000 in financial assistance for increased productivity and other necessary tasks. The government of Meghalaya also helps them with the market linkages. Now they are selling their products in Shillong, Tura, and Guwahati markets. Currently, they are saving Rs. 100 per month per member as their corpus fund.


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