PMAY - Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

The Govt of Meghalaya aims to build Pucca and affordable houses for all rural households by the year 2022. The scheme is providing financial support to the people who are houseless or living in a dilapidated house or kutcha house. As a part of the program, more than 25% of houses have already been constructed

Implemented districts

No. of Houses - Completed Vs Pending ( % )

  •  Completed
  •  Pending

Bifurcation of Pending Level

  •  Sanction Level
  •  Plinth Level
  •  Roof Cast
  •  Yet to be Taken

Total No. of house targets taken vis-à-vis Completion

  •  Target
  •  Completed

Total No. of House Completed

Projects completion ( in %)