MGNREGA-Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Providing livelihood opportunities to rural households is a key focus area for the Government. Through MNREGS, the Government of Meghalaya has been transforming the lives of rural people and at the same time building infrastructure assets that benefit them in a unique community-led collaborative manner. In the 1st quarter of 2021, through the scheme, an amount of Rs.14,500/- cash support per registered household has been provided

Implemented districts

North Garo Hills - NGH
East Jaintia Hills - EJH
South West Khasi Hills - SWKH
South West Garo Hills - SWGH
South Garo Hills - SGH
Ri Bhoi - RB

Total Registered People Vs Employed People

  •  Registered People
  •  Employed People

Total Job Cards Issued Vs Total Active Job Cards

  •  Active Job Cards (In Lakhs)
  •  Job Cards Issued (In Lakhs)

Total expenditure spent in FY 2020-21 Vs FY 2021-22

  •  FY 2020-21
  •  FY 2021-22

Total Wages earned in FY 2020-21 Vs FY 2021-22

  •  FY 2021-22 (In Lakhs)
  •  FY 2020-21 (In Lakhs)

Average days of employment provided per household

  •  FY 2021-22
  •  FY 2020-21
  •  FY 2019-20
  •  FY 2018-19
  •  FY 2017-2018

Average wage rate per day person provided in Rs. year wise FY 2017-22

  •  FY 2021-22
  •  FY 2020-21
  •  FY 2019-20
  •  FY 2018-19
  •  FY 2017-2018

Total No of households completed 100 DAYS Vs Total No. of person days generated in 2020-21

  •  House holds
  •  Person days

Total No. of workers Vs Total No. of Active workers

  •  Active workers ( in lacs )
  •  Total workers ( in lacs )

Average Annual Income per Household in FY 2021-22