PMAY - Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Songsak C&RD Block, East Garo Hills District

August 28 2021 by Admin

Smt. Gramchi Sangma used to live in a kutcha house without basic amenities. She was leading a tough life. From one of her friends, she learnt about PMAY-G scheme, she applied for the scheme and received the benefit of Rs 1,30,000/-. She received additional assistance under a CSR project, a joint initiative by the office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Garo Hills District in collaboration with SELCO Foundation for installing solar panels on the roofs i.e. usage of sustainable energy to generate electricity and rainwater harvesting to collect and store rainwater for domestic purposes. Now, with the support from State and Central Government, she owns a pucca house with all basic amenities under PMAY-G scheme. Her house was completed on ­­­­20th Feb,2021.

She expresses her deep gratitude to the State Government to own a pucca house with all basic amenities.


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