PMAY - Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Laskein Block, West Jaintia Hills District

August 28 2021 by Admin

Smt. Siannibha Sajem from Thadsning village, a poor lady with no house and no land was living a tough life. Due to lack of basic house facilities, she suffered from various health and safety issues. Looking at her poor socio-economic condition, village darbar donated a plot of land to her. With the support from villagers, she applied for financial support of Rs 1,30,000 under PMAY-G scheme and received the benefit.

With the convergence of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, she also received an unskilled wage of ₹19,285 for 95 person days. Not only this, she got her house toilet constructed from financial assistance under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and free electricity connection through Saubhagya Scheme.

The scheme was a blessing for her and in no time her life transformed from a landless poor women to a house owner. Her house got completed on 17th Dec,2020. Today, she is living happily in her newly constructed house and is motivating others to register for PMAY-G scheme.


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